HomePure Nova Receives NSF and Water Quality Association Certification

HomePure HomePure Nova 21 February 2023

HomePure Nova Receives NSF and Water Quality Association Certification

HomePure Nova is popular with good reason: in addition to being the ideal water filter for homes and businesses, it is also the first ultra-filtration water purifier to be approved by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for NSF/ANSI P231. It has been accredited for the elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores. This beloved water filter has also earned the NSF/ANSI 401, 53, and 42 certifications for its ability to remove up to 15 individual contaminants which have been identified in published studies as occurring in drinking water.


NSF: What Is It?

NSF International is an unbiased accrediting organisation founded in 1944 that conducts comprehensive testing on water treatment products to guarantee that customers are provided with high-quality, safe solutions that accomplish what they are supposed to do. Additionally, NSF is the top international supplier of risk management solutions for public healthcare and wellbeing.


The Risk of New Contaminants

Pollutants, herbicides, prescription medications, and detergents are a few of the most prevalent yet unseen toxins. Most of these regular contaminants have fallen under two categories based on what it affects – health or taste.

However, emerging contaminants have been put under a new category of concerns over water quality. Contaminants have been put under a new category of concerns over water quality. This is because while trace evidence of these contaminants has been detected in our drinking water, their precise negative effects have not yet been established. Therefore, a separate testing standard was developed to specifically monitor and protect from the threat of emerging contaminants.


The NSF/ANSI 401: What Does It Mean?

NSF/ANSI 401, an American National Standard for water purity, has certified our HomePure Nova. With this accreditation, the HomePure Nova’s capacity to eliminate up to 15 pollutants from this list of emerging contaminants has been confirmed. The 15 pollutants include new kinds of pesticides and fertilizers, compounds used as flame retardants, surfactants, and over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications.


The New NSF/ANSI P231 Certification for HomePure Nova: What Does It Mean?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) suggestions in its Task Force Report – Handbook Benchmark and Procedure for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers, HomePure Nova has received NSF/ANSI P231 Certification, showing that it has been approved for sanitation and health features of microbial contamination water purifiers (1987).


The Water Quality Association (WQA): What Is It?

The Water Quality Association (WQA), a non-profit organisation for the home, industrial, and commercial water treatment sectors, provides an impartial seal of certification for water filters. The seal of approval is only rewarded after rigorous lab tests and materials assessments have been completed. Apart from being a certifier of water treatment products, the WQA is also an educator of water treatment professionals, a public information resource and the voice of the industry of water quality improvement!


What WQA certification has HomePure Nova obtained?

HomePure Nova has undergone testing and received certification from the WQA for NSF/ANSI P231 and NSF/ANSI 244 , a certification that guarantees that HomePure’s water filter decreases the risk of cysts, viruses, and dangerous bacteria in your drinkable water. The HomePure Nova even appears under the Certified Microbiological Water Purifiers List on the WQA site.

The HomePure Nova’s NSF and WQA certifications are customer confidence marks that vouch for the validity of our product promises. This is proof that your trust and wellbeing are essential to us.



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