A Huge Success for the #BottleSelfieChallenge

HomePure HomePure Nova 21 February 2023

A Huge Success for the #BottleSelfieChallenge

The HomePure #BottleSelfieChallenge made it clear to the world that we are committed to defending and conserving our planet for future generations. Our fantastic distributors once again showed why they are such trendsetters and heroes by uploading an astounding number of selfies to Instagram.


The #BottleSelfieChallenge: What Was It?

In an effort to lessen plastic waste, our dealers globally were given a three-week challenge to promise not to purchase or drink bottled liquids. Our partners also uploaded a selfie with their preferred reusable bottle as part of the contest. The challenge was introduced in conjunction with World Water Day 2021, encouraging people to avoid single-use plastic in exchange for more environmentally friendly goods.

A staggering number of Instagram users and distributors took part, displaying that by working together, we can make the whole world a healthier place.

Even our VIPs took up the challenge to raise understanding of the value of eco-friendly purchasing and a sustainable lifestyle.


Our Favourite Earth Warrior Selfies