HomePure NovaSoft Starter SetTreat your nearest and dearest to the luxury of clean soft water

High amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium can be found in tap water in certain areas, causing water hardness. While the high mineral content provides your body with essential minerals, daily exposure to a high level of it may affect your health.


How to identify if your water is hard?

  • Bad tasting water
    A disproportionate amount of minerals in your water adds an unpleasant taste to it.
  • Damaged skin and hair
    An excess of minerals in hard water can change the pH balance of your skin, weakening its protective barrier and making it feel as dry as a dessert while causing your hair to feel slimy and brittle right after washing it.
  • Stains on glassware
    The white stains on your dishes and glasses are caused by the minerals in the hard water, often making you feel like you need to rewash your dishes.
  • Scale buildup in water fixtures
    Hard water can interfere with the action of soaps and detergents, resulting in deposits

Our Solution

The HomePure NovaSoft controls the hardness in metropolitan tap water to an optimal level. Best paired with the HomePure Nova, the NovaSoft helps create the ideal water conditions – for you, your family, and your home.

Enjoy safe and nourishing Pi-Water, every single day.


Trust your water. Trust HomePure.

Product Features

Reduces the level of minerals

Decreases the water hardness in your tap water to reach an optimal consumption level while diminishing the chlorine, bad taste, and odour.

Protects Your Water Filter System

Prevents scale buildup in your 9-Stage Filter Cartridge, giving you maximum usage of up to 5,000 litres of clean and safe drinking water.

User Friendly

It comes ready-to-install and the filter is easily replaceable.


Our water filter line does not require electricity or a brine tank.

Encapsulated Filter

Our water softeners are encased for a clean and safe filtration process, eliminating external contamination.


While most water softeners are salt-based, HomePure’s water softener is resin-based. And no, that does not mean that it is toxic.

World-class Quality

Developed in Europe and manufactured in South Korea.


CompleteWater FiltrationSystem

Give your loved ones clean and safe nourishing Pi-Water every day with the HomePure Complete Water Filtration System.
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